Why Companies Choose Us?

Finding a better fit isn’t just a corporate mantra at the NxtExp; it’s an operating principle that guides everything we do. This is why every search – whether it’s for a contract, temporary or permanent position at a junior, intermediate, senior or executive level – starts with research. In fact, we have associates dedicated only to doing research.

To ensure a better fit between companies and people, the NxtExp works on a unique business model that separates the client services function from the recruitment function. This way, our associates cannot work on behalf of both a company and a candidate – a situation that can result in candidates being placed in roles that may not be best for them or their new employer.

Instead, we have Client Service Associates focused exclusively on building relationships with client companies and getting to know their business intimately. On the other side of this business model, our Recruitment Associates identify, screen and work closely with candidates to help them seize the best career opportunities as they arise.

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